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DOT NET Training Internship Agent

2020-01-24 12:24   Learning   Coimbatore   292 views

6,500 ₨

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Location: Coimbatore
Price: 6,500 ₨

( VB.NET)Program Internship | Coimbatore || Techvolt

Introduction to DOT NET (.NET)

Dotnet Training .NET Internship Coimbatore , .NET is Cross Platform Languagedeveloped and released by Microsoft. The work on the development of .NET was initiated by Microsoftin the end of 1990s.The first prototype version of .NET framework, calledthe .NET v1.0, was released in the late 2000s. NETstands for Network Enable Technology. Now we are commonly using Visual studioversion 2012 for commercial cause.

Few years back, Microsoft had only VC++, VB. Later Microsofthas launched new Languages ASP.NET, J#, F#, ADO.NET (Database) C# and VB. NET.

IDE (IntegratedDevelopment Environment)

Developers use numerous softwaretools throughout the coding process. Integrated Development Environment (IDE)is software that provides basic tools required to code software. IDE contains compilers,Libraries Text editors, Interpreter, and Debugger.

IDEUsed to develop .NET Application is Visual Studio. Latest version of Visualstudio is Visual studio 2012. Similarly, SQL Server Management Studio was usedto stored databases of .NET Softwares. Latest version of SQL Server managementStudio is 2008

Languages Package within Visual Studio:

VB.NET,Asp.Net with C#, Ado.Net and VC++ (Visual C++) from these languages C#, ASP.NET,ADO.NET are the most frequently used .NET Languages.


VB.Net(Visual Basic) is now a object oriented programming language. Compared to usingVB6, VB.Net is absolutely powerful.VB.NET is used for developing Windows/DesktopApplication.

ASP.NET and C#:

ASP. NET(Active Server Page. Network Enable Technology).ASP.NET is used to developedand Launched Over Internet and The Databases are Stored using the cloud concept(Saas).

C# isan Object Oriented Programming Language from Microsoft that aims to combine thecomputing power of C++ and Visual Basic. C# is completely based on C++ and Containsfeatures similar to SUN’s Java. It used to create Console and Windows/DesktopApplications.


ADO.NET(Activex Data Objects).It consists of Connections, Commands, Record set.ADO.NET is a kind of Programming Language that if used by .NET Languages toCommunicate with Database.

GenerallyADO.NET supports these kinds of Backend languages like SQL, ODBC and OLEDB


SQL (Structured Query Language) is used to communicatewith database. According to ANSI (American National Standards Institute), it isthe standard language for relational database management systems. SQLstatements are used to perform tasks such as update data on a database, orretrieve data from a database.

Application areas of .NET Technology:

1.ASP.NET is being used to develop E-Commerce websites, Static/Dynamic websites,Social Networking Sites, E-Mail website, etc,.

2.C# ismainly used for 2 causes the first thing is to develop UpdatableDesktop/Windows applications and the Second thing is for Developing Gaming inIntegration with Unity.

3.VB.NET is used to develop Console mode applications, Windows applications.

Why .NET is preferable?

1. UserFriendly.

2.Reduced Coding size.

3.Reduced Coding Time.

4.Equalize the Features of Java.

5.Standard IDE for all level of Developers.

6.Supports HTML, CSS, JS (Only applicable for ASP.NET)

7.Completely Object Oriented (VB.NET,C#)

Benefits of Internship |Training ||On JobTraining at Techvolt Software:

1.Technical Training with Project Development

2.In-House placement and Client placements

3.Technical Training & Internship Experience Certificate

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